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Many cars of the 20th Century had a certain charm and personality to them, compared to the modern, aerodynamic car designs.

I have drawn all my life, and had a passion for drawing cars since I got my first magic marker.

Since 2015 I have drawn my favorite classic car designs ─mainly European models from 1950-1980─ digitally in vector graphics. This technique ensures sharp lines and curves, and ability to print in any size.

Over the years, these have evolved into a design series called “Retro Cars“.

The series is meant as a tribute to these car designs, and an attempt to preserve ─and not forget─ these ‘endangered species’.

The Retro Cars are available online through my artist page on the Print-On-Demand site Redbubble.

You can have them printed on several different products and shipped directly to you.

On Redbubble I have grouped the Retro Cars in a Collection.


►For purchases, you have these options:

The Retro Cars Collection on

NEW High Quality prints from Baggaardsprint (Nørrebro, Copenhagen)

Poster prints on Hahnemühle Studio Enhanced 210 g paper

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Retro Cars Collection

Preview the Retro Cars posters below.

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Retro Cars Collection (Poster)