I have a background as illustrator and graphic designer, and I use this website as a creative outlet for posters, t-shirt designs and more.

The motives vary, but relate to people or messages I believe have a relevance in the society we live in. I am against warfare of any kind, surveillance, authorities, racism and ‘normalization’ – but excited about diversity, humor, freedom and human rights.
I attended the group art show ‘Unite at North’ at ‘Gallery North’ in Nørregade, Copenhagen in 2010, with framed photos of my stickers:


“Unite at North” (2010). Click here to see more stickers

In 2011 I attended the street art project ‘Walk This Way’ in Køge, Denmark, with the peace activists of Pink Army.

On a wall I mounted a paste up sequence with a factory melting tanks into playgrounds for kids.

drm 018

“Walk This Way” (2011)

I’ve been a part of streetheart.dk’s yearly christmas street art calendar, and ‘Galore’ art show in Valby.
In 2015 I attended ‘MakerCity Festival’ in Odense Denmark, where I displayed pictures and gave away nearly 300 free stickers to the attendees.

Drumstick's display

 MakerCity Festival (2015)

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