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Each t-shirt is available in multiple colors and different clothing styles, for both genders — on Redbubble choose your preferred “Clothing Style” in the right column.

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Note: The designs below represent only a fraction of the complete portfolio in the shop.
Titles are shortened for easier browsing.

© Drumstick & Redbubble

“Index Cursor”


“Brainwashington D.C.”

“Time Travel Dashboard”


“Cassette Tape”



“Chopper Bike”

“Ctrl Alt Del”

“Peace Girl”

“Fiat 500”

“Floppy Disc”

“Hoodie Lizard”



“Leisure Suit Larry Discs”

“Lid Faces”




“Mosquito Zone”

“Mandrill Face”



“No More Pipelines”

“Nostalgia : Beetle”


“Bohemian Grove”



“The Overlook Hotel”

“Pastafari Pirate”

“Peace Tank”

“Phone Booth”

“Calabash Pipe”

“Desert Plant”

“Richie Havens”

“Snailhouse City”

“Space Fox”

“Spectacular Optical”

“White Squirrel”

“Summer Of Love”


“Citroën DS”

“They Live Ad”

“Turn off the TV”


“Bike Icon”

“I ♥ Waves”

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